The largest Wine and Liquor Distributor in the U.S. turns Financial Audit Preparation into a Walk-in-the-Park.

"Norikkon's mass-processing tool for accounting documents has provided Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits with the flexibility, visibility, speed, and accuracy to meet the demands of our internal and external auditors." SG Project Manager

Customer Profile

  • Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of America (SG) - Largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States 
  • Headquarter: Miami, Florida
  • Annual Revenue: $16.5 Billion (Est.)
  • Number of employees: Approx. 22,000


Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits' internal and external financial audits were taking weeks to complete. Staff and additional temporary staff were spending countless hours/days compiling the required documentation, one document at a time.


Reduce staff and time spent retrieving documents requested by auditors. Improve accuracy. Easily retrieve documents and supporting documents all from one location.


Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirit chose Norikkon to implement its Print-It solution that allows Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirit users to print and download multiple invoice images and supporting documentation from any SAP ArchiveLinkā„¢ content repository.

Processing Improvements

  • We eliminated temporary staffing costs.
  • Increased functionality - Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirit is now able to identify all freight carriers associated with specific suppliers accurately.
  • Reduced processing time by 90% - Manually gathering documentation took staff weeks to compile; now, the same task is accomplished in less than a day.
  • Improved visibility - A summary sheet identifies the order of printouts or saved files and provides the volume at a glance. The separator sheet provides vital identifying information.

Compliance and Control

  • Improved Interstate ReportingSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirit can now print state-required documents in minutes or download and send files for those states accepting electronic filing.
  • Meeting audit requirementsSouthern Glazer's Wine and Spirit can retrieve all required audit documents within the same day of a request. Users are easily able to match warehouse receipts to invoices.